ACTF Places Dukes of Bröxstônia on Disney XD in Germany


MELBOURNE: Disney XD in Germany has picked up the animated short-form comedy series Dukes of Bröxstônia from the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF).

The first three seasons of the show are headed to Disney XD in Germany. Dukes of Bröxstônia tells the story of teenagers Arj, Barj and Larj. They’re members of the first band ever to come out of Bröxstônia. Thanks to help from the Bröxstônian government, The Dukes go on tour, bringing their punk thrash sounds with them.

The series was created by Stu Connolly and Suren Perera. Dukes of Bröxstônia is produced by Sticky Pictures. ACTF distributes the show internationally.