Who’s Asking? Lands Adaptation in Cyprus


A local version of Armoza Formats’ game show Who’s Asking? has been commissioned by Cyprus’s public broadcaster, CYBC.

The 60-episode season will be produced by Galinis Production Studio. It will mark the 11th adaptation of the format, originally created by Israel’s United Studios.

In the game show, instead of picking the type of questions to be asked, the contestants select an “asker” from the faces on a screen in front of them. Whether it’s a bus driver, doctor or a streetwise grandma, each has a question for the contestants.

Who’s Asking? was created by Igal Shilon, Harel Josefson, Guy Wasserman and United Studios. It has reached over 1,600 episodes worldwide, having aired in markets such as Greece, Thailand, Hungary and U.S. Hispanic. Most recently, an Arabic version aired in Israel, and a seventh season is on air in Switzerland.

“We are looking, as a leading production company in Cyprus, to provide the viewer with a TV game show of outstanding levels in entertainment and production value,” said Nicos Galinis, CEO of Galinis Production Studio. “After through research, we concluded that Who’s Asking? is the right project. We are convinced that Cypriots will very much enjoy participating in and watching this excellent TV game show.”

Demetris Tokaris, director of Who’s Asking in Cyprus, added, “I am very excited about the prospect of directing Who’s Asking? for the television audience of Cyprus because it serves two very significant goals: it entertains, and at the same time, it educates in a very modern TV environment. The game is also unique in the way it makes the audience active participants. I look forward to begin filming.”

Amos Neumann, COO at Armoza Formats, said, “Who’s Asking? offers a unique approach to game shows where truly everyone can take part. By combining the winning combination of thrill and knowledge that is most loved in game shows with the ability for people on the street to ask the questions, this format is an exciting and relatable experience for viewers everywhere, and we look forward to seeing it in Cyprus.”