TV Formats Screenings Festival Spotlight: WeMake


Founded by format industry veterans Bouchra Rejani and Moe Bennani three years ago, WeMake has been driving innovation with its eclectic slate of entertainment formats, featuring five in the TV Formats Screenings Festival, including The Big Crazy Game Night.

A strong performer for M6 in France, The Big Crazy Game Night is a comedy game show filled with zany games, funny sketches and hilarious parodies. “With its high ratings on one of France’s biggest networks, The Big Crazy Game Night proved to have a successful comedy formula that appeals to the whole family,” says Rejani, WeMake’s CEO. “This hit format has already been sold in six countries and its second season is currently in production for a 2022 broadcast.”

Split Screen a quiz show in which, for each question, two images are displayed side by side on a giant LED screen. Both images represent a number (age, height, length, etc.) and it’s up to a duo of contestants to give an answer anywhere in between these two numbers. “After a strong debut in the Netherlands, Split Screen aims to conquer new territories,” Rejani says. “With its unique gaming mechanic and appealing set design, this format is perfect for networks in need of an innovative and easy-to-produce game show.”

WeMake’s slate extends well beyond game shows, with the company also highlighting The Best Family Recipe, in which four passionate home cooks try to convince a panel of culinary experts that their homemade recipe is the best of them all. “This show is a culinary and emotional journey showcasing colorful contestants who share their families’ stories and recipes,” Rejani says. “Easy to produce and cost-effective, this format also has a strong potential for marketing activation and can easily be made for either daily or weekly slots, access prime time or prime time.”

On the talent competition front, WeMake has high hopes for Morphing Singers. “With a uniquely designed technology, Morphing Singers will change the face of variety shows,” Rejani says. “Viewers will not only be able to guess along with the celebrities who is singing, but they will also witness unique performances with long-gone music legends or A-list singers. Morphing Singers is a true emotional ride for all generations.”

Rounding out the festival selections is Secret Celebrity, a unique reality competition featuring celebrities and their friends and family members. “Secret Celebrity twists the reality competition formula by adding a new mystery vibe to it,” Rejani says. “With a strong play-along, it is perfect for young adults and families as they will try to guess who the hidden celebrities are. Already sold in six territories, Secret Celebrity represents the next generation of reality competition.”