Stevie Van Zandt Teams with Apploff for Music Format


Apploff Entertainment has aligned with musician Stevie Van Zandt to launch the new format The Jam, which mixes music, culture and technology.

A weekly live-to-tape event, the format bills itself as a modernized throwback to a time when music influenced the cultural conversation. The Jam brings together global superstars, new artists and pop-culture noisemakers under one roof to honor the past, present and future of music.

Van Zandt, executive producer, said, “It’s been too long since there’s been a dance party with live bands on. We’ll be that, plus a presentation of whatever is coolest in the news, products and culture that week. The weekend starts here!”

“From rock to rap, K-pop to hip hop and indie to Hindi, The Jam is the ultimate ticket to the most sizzling acts around the world, introducing viewers to all the artists our social media algorithm isn’t showing us,” added Jeff Apploff, executive producer and president of Apploff Entertainment. “More than just a TV show, it’s a celebration of innovation, diversity and the unlimited ways music can unite generations of enthusiasts across space and time.”

Apploff Entertainment is also behind such music-centric formats as Beat Shazam (FOX) and Don’t Forget the Lyrics (FOX).