Stealing the Show!, Beat the Channel Score New Deals


Red Arrow Studios International has lined up a new round of international deals for the entertainment formats Stealing the Show! and Beat the Channel, originally produced by Florida Entertainment for ProSieben in Germany.

Stealing the Show! has been licensed to Tin Can in the Netherlands and Bandicoot in the U.K. Beat the Channel has been optioned by Boxfish in Spain, ITV France in France and July-August Productions in Israel.

Stealing the Show! offers celebrity contestants and a member of the public the chance to literally steal the show and take control of the series’ next episode as quiz master.

Beat the Channel sees two popular TV presenters given the chance to win a 15-minute live broadcast slot, where anything goes.

Tim Gerhartz, president and managing director at Red Arrow Studios International, said: “Stealing the Show! and Beat the Channel have really taken the prime-time entertainment genre to the next level. They are truly original concepts that have become cultural phenomena in their domestic territory, delivering outstanding ratings and audience engagement. We are really looking forward to seeing these new local partners put their own spin on this unique pair of titles.”