Old Enough! Sets Season 2 Premiere Date in Singapore


Singapore’s Mediacorp is set to premiere the second season of the local adaptation of the Nippon TV unscripted format Old Enough! on National Day (August 9).

Old Enough! centers on children running errands on their own for the very first time while being shadowed by an incognito camera crew. The franchise has been adapted in Singapore for On The Red Dot, an investigative current affairs program. The season two premiere of Mediacorp’s Old Enough! will feature three famous families: celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang’s preschool kids Aden and Avery go on a solo shopping sojourn, national swimming star Joscelin Yeo’s 4-year-old son Mikey is tasked with purchasing provisions for his dog Bucky and Vasantham artiste Jay Nesh Isuran’s 3-year-old son Om Jay has his first foray into the outside world.

The one-hour season two premiere of Old Enough! will air at 9:30 p.m. on August 9, on Channel 5, with subsequent half-hour episodes airing every Friday in the time slot. The series will also air on CNA every Sunday from August 11, at 10:30 p.m. and on CNA’s YouTube channel.

Atsushi Sogo, president of international business development for Nippon TV, said: “Mediacorp’s production team has created a wonderful program that was well received throughout Singapore. I would like to congratulate them for living up to the challenge of this very unique format, and pledge to continue extending our production expertise to our partner. The latest edition of Old Enough! aired in Japan this July to great ratings and shares, proving the long-loved strength of this format once again. We are certain that Mediacorp’s season two will be filled with more sweet Singaporean children trying their best to help their families. I also hope that this show will continue for many years to come, so that the featured children will one day see it for themselves and feel proud of what they’ve achieved.”

Tan Lek Hwa, chief editor of current affairs at Mediacorp, added: “We’re heartened that this heartwarming series has stolen the hearts of our audiences. Being the preeminent platform for Singaporean storytelling, we hope shared viewing of the second season of Old Enough! will contribute to community engagement and forge strong familial ties. Apart from amusing our audience, we aim to amplify societal discussion about the importance of imbuing independence and building resilience in the inheritors of a future Singapore.”