Nippon TV’s Silent Library Lands in Thailand, Mongolia


Nippon TV’s hit unscripted studio game show Silent Library has been licensed into Thailand and Mongolia, marking the first time the format is being adapted in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Silent Library sees contestants sit in a library where they must keep quiet—no matter what pranks happen. The comedic program will premiere September 15 on Line TV in Thailand, and in mid-November on VOL+/Mongol TV HD and its VOD service ORI in Mongolia. It has received local versions in more than 15 countries, including the U.S. and U.K.

Atsushi Sogo, the president of international business development at Nippon TV, stated: “Southeast Asia and Mongolia are both extremely exciting markets for content creation, where the local production expertise improves year after year. We are honored to have our legendary unscripted format chosen to supplement their growth strategy. I am confident that the local adaptations will be successful. This long-running format is still incredibly popular today in Japan; a lot of young people even endeavor to join Nippon TV with hopes of becoming one of the creators of the show. It is a must-see program that is innovative, genuine and hilarious. I sincerely pray that the Thailand and Mongolia versions become long runs and we will offer our utmost cooperation to ensure their success; I would like to see all the people in those countries burst out in laughter!”

Thai chief producers from Line TV and Good Deal Entertainment noted: “Silent Library would be your perfect choice after your long week, when you just want to sit back on the couch and laugh a little bit. You’re in need of a little comedy. Let this show be your weekend happiness.”

Saruul Bold, producer at Mongol TV, added: “We are happy to bring over the first Japanese content to Mongol TV. We’ve always been amazed by [the] entertainment of Japanese shows. We believe this comedy show will attract more young people. The Mongol TV team is looking forward to producing this new show.”