Nippon TV Slates Trio of New Format Titles for MIPCOM


Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) is set to arrive at MIPCOM with one new scripted format and two new game-show formats.

The new scripted format Your Turn to Kill is a mystery series that centers on a newly-married couple that has just purchased their first home together. All seems well until people in their building suddenly start dying and they learn that 13 neighbors wrote the name of the person they want to kill on a piece of paper, ultimately setting a “swap-murder game” in motion.

Red Carpet Survival, the first of Nippon TV’s new game-show formats, sees contestants act as bodyguards tasked with safely escorting a VIP along a red carpet as they face physical blows and crazy traps along the way. Sokkuri Sweets, meanwhile, features celebrities trying to spot sweets and pastries that look identical to objects in real life, with talented pastry chefs creating the masterpieces that will challenge the celebrities’ eyes before they take a big bite to test their choice.

Atsushi Sogo, president of international business development for Nippon TV, said: “We are delighted to be offering these new titles at this year’s MIPCOM. Your Turn to Kill, our new crime/mystery scripted format, was created with international adaptations in mind and has 20 episodes, which is almost double the number of regular Japanese drama series. It is a format that one cannot stop watching episode after episode to find out who the suspect is, and viewers predict it avidly on social media while they watch.”

Sogo added: “Our latest unscripted format, Red Carpet Survival is a never-before-seen entertainment game show that is perfect for family viewing and can turn any location into ground zero simply by laying a red carpet. And our third title, Sokkuri Sweets, is our newest answer to the many inquiries we continually receive for our wacky Japanese game-show formats. Sokkuri means ‘exactly the same’ and it really is impossible to figure out if the items are real or fake. It is amazing to see celebrities bite into a shoe thinking it is made of chocolate. We look forward to meeting all our clients and new buyers at MIPCOM.”