Nippon TV Reveals New Game-Show Format Mute it!


Nippon TV has begun offering format rights for its new game show Mute it!, which has only one rule: don’t make any sounds.

The family-friendly game show recently aired during prime time on Nippon TV. Available with 30- to 60-minute episodes, the format follows as contestants play four stages of games in the Hall of Silence, a custom-built giant studio with difficult challenges for the players to accomplish, yet at the same time, filled with sound traps all around. If contestants make any sounds above 50dB, the Sound Watchman, purveyor of the Hall of Silence, suddenly shows up to take the contestant away.

Atsushi Sogo, president of international business development at Nippon TV, said: “Given our prior success with the enormously popular Silent Library, we are pleased to be presenting Mute it!, a game of silence, unlike any other game show. It pushes the limits of human concentration and balance whereby if a contestant makes any sound at all they are immediately disqualified from the game. Mute it! brings a breath of fresh air to a world normally filled by loud game shows.”