MIPTV Spotlight: Talpa Global


CANNES: Talpa Global’s Battle on the Dance Floor, a key highlight at MIPTV, sees talented dance crews not only compete against each other, but also against the dance floor.

During the final dance battle, the floor is directly connected to the opinion of the jury. If a crew does well, the floor stays the same, but it shrinks during a bad performance. “With incredible visuals supported by revolutionary technology, we offer mind-blowing performances, raising the bar for dance competitions all over the world,” says Maarten Meijs, the managing director of Talpa Global.

At MIPTV, the company is also showcasing This Is NOT a Hotel, in which spoiled young adults who still live at home are forced to stand on their own two feet for the first time, and the game show Back 2 School.

“Our goal is to offer an immersive content experience across multiple screens,” Meijs adds.