MIPCOM Spotlight: Talpa Global


Talpa’s daily reality show House of Talent looks into the lives of eight aspiring musical artists, who must work to build a large and engaged fanbase, perform throughout the country and release a new track every six weeks.

During the live elimination show, which will be broadcast exclusively online, one artist must leave the house and will be replaced by a new musician.

Talpa Global also has the new dance show Dance as One, which focuses on synchronized dancing, and the live mobile game show Lucky13. “For media companies, it is a big challenge to reach and engage the younger audiences,” says Annelies Noest, Talpa Global’s director of formats and global network. “We created Lucky13 and House of Talent as perfect solutions for consumers in today’s media landscape.”

There’s also Golden Boys, a dating show for seniors.

“We have always been a frontrunner in creating innovative content,” Noest says.