MIPTV Spotlight: Nippon TV


An escape game show with a horror twist, the Nippon TV format Dark Doubt sees contestants try to break out of pitch-black stages before attempting to clear missions.

“Placed in various unknown locations, contestants must work together to navigate through the dark to try to escape,” says Tom Miyauchi, head of formats. “It is an ultimate challenge of horror, testing to see who will manage to go through the dark despite all doubts.”

In Turbo Brain, contestants must answer tough questions at top speed, with six individuals participating in a one-on-one knockout tournament to be crowned champion. “The universally themed questions are visually engaging and cognitively demanding,” says Miyauchi, adding that the format “allows viewers to immerse themselves in the show just like the contestants.”

“We are creating new game shows with innovative concepts that can be adjusted to fit buyers’ needs,” he adds.

Co-created by Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment, the crime drama CONNECTED centers on international sleuths, working primarily from their own homes, who use their research skills to solve crimes. “This series was specifically designed to expand to a number of localized versions, featuring diverse characters from different countries, while all belonging to the same shared online universe,” says Sayako Aoki, head of formats, international business development, at Nippon TV.

A romantic comedy, Tall Order follows an executive assistant to the CEO of a startup company who gets appointed CEO of a subsidiary as complicated feelings develop with her boss. “This is another Nippon TV series that we have added to our catalog with a strong female protagonist that viewers around the world are sure to relate to,” says Aoki.

She adds, “We are so looking forward to returning to MIPTV in person and welcoming buyers to our booth.”