MIPCOM Spotlight: Nippon TV


Each episode of Life’s Punchline, a drama series and scripted format on offer from Nippon TV, opens with a punchline-free comedy sketch that serves as a prelude to the stories that unfold.

“Five men and women in their late 20s, all stuck in a situation that anyone would call a failure, accept their downbeat ‘prelude’ and turn it around into a glittering future through laughter and tears,” says Sayako Aoki, sales and licensing, international business development.

Another scripted format in Nippon TV’s catalog, the drama series Nemesis centers on the useless detective Kazama and his reckless but genius assistant Anna as they team up to solve cases. In the unscripted format Money or Junk, contestants compete in remote locations to create attractive products to sell on e-commerce apps using only the available resources.

“These combinations of strong stories and elaborate presentations can maintain viewers’ engagement and would work for all demographics, regardless of the territory,” says Aoki.