Italian Treatment for CJ E&M’s Golden Tambourine


CJ E&M has secured its first format option for the music entertainment show Golden Tambourine with Endemol Shine Italy.

Golden Tambourine is a studio music entertainment show in which two teams, each comprised of four to seven celebrities, compete against each other on a stage that is divided by a moving wall.

CJ E&M said in a statement: “We are very excited to announce the option sales of Golden Tambourine as this marks the second sale of CJ E&M’s content to Italy following Grandpas Over Flowers (a.k.a. Better Late Than Never). We are confident that Golden Tambourine will show great performance in Italy, and especially resonate with local viewers once launched, as both countries share a passion for singing and dancing.”

Additionally, the Philippine adaptation of CJ E&M’s music game show I Can See Your Voice debuted on September 16. According to Kantar Media, the national TV ratings reached 19.5 percent and 15.3 percent for its first and second episodes, respectively.

At MIPCOM, CJ E&M will present those formats, as well as Kids in Power, Youn’s Kitchen, Shadow Singer, Leaving the Nest and Friend Zone Romance. It will also present digital content from 72 Seconds, a Korean production house.