Hulu Debuting Blind Date Food Competition


HOTTIES, a new dating food competition series hosted by comedian Jade Catta-Preta, is slated to premiere on Hulu next month.

Produced by the All3Media America company Bright Spot Content, HOTTIES pits pairs of blind dates against each other in a battle to cook up date-night worthy dishes, all while attempting to eat incredibly spicy food. All ten episodes will launch exclusively on Hulu on August 16.

Set in food trucks in the desert heat, each episode sees two pairs of singles make a meal and take on spicy food challenges in a bid to fast-forward the dating process and win a cash prize. Catta-Preta serves as host, while also judging both what’s on the plate and each of the dates. Whichever couple has the best plate, best date or both, wins a second date worth $2,500—or, they can split the cash and go their separate ways.

Catta-Preta said: “I’m thrilled to be hosting this spicy treat! We could all use a funny distraction, so head on over to Hulu for some hot giggles!”

Sandy Varo Jarrell, CEO of Bright Spot Content and executive producer of HOTTIES, said: “HOTTIES has all the right ingredients—hot food, hot dates in the summer heat! Jade’s brilliantly funny delivery pairs perfectly with all the wild moments in this laugh-out-loud series.”