FremantleMedia Australia Options Newen Format


FremantleMedia Australia has optioned the format rights to Newen Distribution’s studio entertainment/comedy show Pants on Fire.

The 7×40-minute show is produced by CCCP (Tuvalu Media/Newen Group) for NPO3 in the Netherlands. In each episode, teams of well-known pranksters try to convince a jury of two celebrities that the stories they’re telling are true.

“In a market that is firmly focused on upbeat, optimistic and fun family entertainment at a good price point, Pants on Fire was a no-brainer,” said Caroline Spencer, director of development at FremantleMedia Australia. “Mix in the whole fake news caper and it’ll be a winning format Down Under.”

“We’re extremely proud to be working with FMA and are confident they will find the ideal broadcaster to bring this fun, innovative and original show to the Australian audience,” said Sophie Eap, international sales manager at Newen Distribution.