Nigel Lythgoe On Board Dancefloor Date


MY Entertainment (MYE) has acquired the new format Dancefloor Date from Newen Distribution, with Nigel Lythgoe signed on as showrunner and executive producer.

MYE, Michael Yudin’s New York-based production company, will be working with Newen to bring Dancefloor Date to U.S. screens. Lythgoe, whose credits include FOX hit So You Think You Can Dance and super formats Pop Idol and American Idol, is on board to develop and executive produce.

In the format, singletons take turns dancing behind a screen, where only their moving silhouette can be seen by their potential partner. Based on their moves and good old-fashioned chemistry, contestants are eliminated until only one is left. Then it’s time to see whether the attraction is as strong off the dance floor as it is on it.

Lythgoe said: “In Dancefloor Date, we don’t just let them go off on a dancing date alone, we film every aspect of the date and their private emotions, and invite them back to view the footage and their off the cuff remarks and participate in an honest discussion. That’s where my favorite part of the format begins. Did they dance beautifully around the floor like Fred and Ginger or did they tread on each other’s toes. The brutal truth comes out about a date of desire or disaster.”

Yudin, founder and CEO of MY Entertainment, said: “This project continues our efforts in expanding our ongoing international strategy, and while we have been in the forefront of paper formats for some time, which are now coming back in fashion, we wouldn’t invest our time and expertise in something that wasn’t extremely special. Dancefloor Date certainly ticks that box—as does Nigel. His expertise, experience and track record in talent and dating shows is unequaled, and he also has an almost sixth sense of what will sell internationally. All in all, this is one format we’re very proud to introduce to the U.S. market, and to be associated with our friends at Newen.”

Fanchon Giorda, head of development and unscripted at Newen, said: “Working with MY Entertainment is a wonderful opportunity to reach the American audience. Their expertise for the format will be a real asset for the U.S. market. We all strongly believe that viewers can identify with this simple idea because we all fell in love on the dancefloor at least once. Having an amazing showrunner and producer such as Nigel Lythgoe to support this creation, is the best way to succeed and to let the viewers experience the best show ever.”