Fremantle Acquires Parental Guidance Format


Fremantle has picked up the global distribution rights to the new prime-time format Parental Guidance, originally developed and produced by Eureka Productions for Nine Network in Australia.

Parental Guidance features ten sets of parents, each with different parenting styles. The format takes viewers behind closed family doors to show how these parents raise their families while trying to convince everyone that their parenting style produces the best kids.

Hosted by Ally Langdon, journalist and host of Today, and Dr. Justin Coulson, Parental Guidance was one of Nine Network’s biggest launches of 2021.

Chris Culvenor, co-CEO of Eureka Productions, said: “Everyone has an opinion about parenting, and in this series, we shine a spotlight on the myriad of different styles, skills and techniques. We’re looking forward to working with Nine and Fremantle in rolling out this captivating social experiment around the world.”

Rob Clark, director of global entertainment at Fremantle, commented: “Parental Guidance is a fascinating, moving and often funny look at how we live. At the center of this format is the universal and relatable theme of parenting. It is a subject we all have direct experience of, whether as a child of parents or as parents of children, and many have their own views. We are really excited to bring such strong IP to the international market.”

Adrian Swift, director of content, production and development at Nine Network, added: “Every parent just wants the best for their kids, we just all go about it very differently. Parental Guidance brings together ten sets of parents who believe their parenting style will give their kids the biggest leg up in life, and they certainly are believers—they practice what they preach, and they share their wisdom with other parents. But can a free-range parent convince a tiger mom that their way is best? Parental Guidance finds out.”