Eureka Productions’ Chris Culvenor

Headquartered in Los Angeles and Sydney, Eureka Productions touts a portfolio of over 40 series for network, streaming, cable and digital platforms in the U.S., Canada and Australia, amassed in a relatively short period of time since its 2016 launch. Eureka’s current U.S. slate includes returning shows such as the reboot of The Mole (Netflix), the localized Farmer Wants a Wife (FOX), game-show hit The Floor (FOX) and upcoming series The Quiz with Balls (FOX). In Australia, Eureka’s slate includes Million Dollar Island (Channel 7), Luxe Listings (Prime Video), Byron Baes (Netflix), The Amazing Race Australia and Parental Guidance (Nine Network). Co-CEO Chris Culvenor tells TV Formats about becoming one of the TV industry’s fastest-growing international producers.

TV FORMATS: Looking at the entertainment landscape, what genres have been working best as of late?
CULVENOR: Game shows continue to be popular on U.S. networks, driven by a combination of audience play-along, nostalgic brands and cost-effective production models. The success of shows like The Floor highlights the power of simple and addictive gameplay, drawing in a broad family audience. Additionally, there has been an uptick in immersive competition formats such as The Mole and The Traitors. With their play-along elements and ability to create cliffhanger drama, these shows are perfect for streamers.

TV FORMATS: What are some of the keys to working with U.S. broadcasters on their entertainment commissions, and how does this differ for the Australian market?
CULVENOR: The two key factors for successfully working with U.S. broadcasters are the development of distinctive and non-derivative formats and having a team that can execute this vision with world-class production values.

The Australian market tends to show a preference for established formats and frequently opts for commissioning in a stripped (multi-night) model. Both markets boast an exceptionally high caliber of crew and share tonal similarities in the style of shows they produce.

TV FORMATS: How would you describe Eureka’s production approach on some of these big entertainment franchises?
CULVENOR: Whether it’s Holey MoleyThe Floor or The Mole, we want Eureka shows to stand out from other programming and feel distinctive on their network or platform. For us, this is about building worlds that feel unique, playful and are full of heart and humor.

From the initial stages of development to postproduction, our entire team collaborates closely with our network or platform partners to ensure that we capture this distinctive tone.

TV FORMATS: What are some of the challenges facing the production sector for entertainment at present?
CULVENOR: Global financial pressures are making these particularly challenging times for our network and platform partners. In response, companies such as Eureka must seek cost-effective solutions to manage production budgets.

One example of our approach is leveraging our cross-border presence in both the U.S. and Australia, exchanging creative and production resources to optimize budgets while delivering the highest production value.

TV FORMATS: What do you see as the biggest opportunities in the entertainment landscape, looking at the year ahead and even at 2025?
CULVENOR: I’m highly optimistic that there are still large audiences eager to embrace outstanding original series. And given the ongoing cost pressures, there are tremendous opportunities for unscripted producers to fill a larger share of slots on both network and streaming platforms.