Discovery Finland Commissions Connected


Armoza Formats has licensed the docu-reality series Connected to Discovery Finland for a local version.

The series will be produced by ITV Studios Finland and is set to air in spring 2021 on both Discovery and the Dplay streaming service. This will be the fifth season of the series to air in Finland, with the earlier seasons airing on MTV 3. This iteration will follow the lives of four celebrity Finns: lifestyle coach Martina Aitolehti, social media influencer Sara Sieppi, YouTube artist Tuure Boelius and singer-songwriter Leo Stillman.

Based on the culture of online self-exposure, Connected highlights a unique form of storytelling by giving cameras to four men or women who don’t know each other, which they use to film their lives. Through the cameras, five parallel stories unfold and gradually become connected as each participant experiences transformative life changes and journeys of self-discovery.

Connected was created by Koda Communications and has previously aired in 13 countries, including the U.S., Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway.

Pete Paavolainen, managing director of ITV Studios Finland, said, “It is truly a delight to have Connected returning to Finland. When we started with the first Finnish season with Armoza back in 2011, it was the birth of a brand-new genre, something totally different at the time, where the main characters filmed everything themselves. Now, eight years later, we get to do it again with a great celebrity cast.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, said: “Connected has been successful because of its unique method of sharing personal stories in an incredibly real way, bringing to light today’s most celebrated form of storytelling—in which individuals share their lives through the camera. The format allows unique access into the lives of both celebrities and the everyday person and we look forward to seeing more of this compelling storytelling from Discovery Finland and ITV Studios Finland.”