CJ ENM’s EXchange Localized in Japan


Prime Video in Japan has launched a local version of the CJ ENM dating reality format EXchange titled Love Transit.

The series originally premiered on the CJ ENM-launched OTT service TVING. It sees ex-couples living together in a house, hiding their relationships in the past and going through various dating missions to choose whether they should go back to their ex or choose a new lover in the end.

The Japanese treatment features studio hosts EXIT (Rintaro and Daiki Kanechika), Hayato Isomura and Kayoko Okubo.

A third season of the dating reality show is in production in Korea.

Diane Min, head of format sales at CJ ENM, said: “The commissioning of the third season in Korea is a testament to fans’ addiction to the EXchange format. We are excited to spot the spread of the EXchange syndrome to Japan.”