Brazilian Remake for My Boyfriend is Better


CJ ENM’s music format My Boyfriend is Better has been adapted for TV Globo in Brazil to be aired in Portuguese as a segment of Pipoca da lvete.

Originally broadcast on CJ ENM’s affiliate music channel Mnet, My Boyfriend is Better combines singing and betting among real couples. Five girlfriends showcasing their boyfriends’ singing talents compete across four rounds, and the girlfriend who successfully bets on the winner—regardless of whether it is her own boyfriend—receives the prize money.

Diane Min, head of format sales at CJ ENM, said, “As a renowned music format exporter, CJ ENM is excited to see and support the international adaptations of My Boyfriend is Better. Our partnership with TV Globo, one of Brazil’s leading broadcasting networks, marks a significant milestone, and we are eager to extend this opportunity to Latin America. We firmly believe that the show’s distinctive elements will captivate viewers around the globe.”

Creso Eduardo, in charge of My Boyfriend is Better at TV Globo, said, “Shows like My Boyfriend is Better are very attractive to Brazilian audiences, and bringing an unseen format also creates a huge expectation on how the couples will deal with the game. It’s riveting to guess if participants will bet thinking on the money prize or they’re beloved singer partner. To make it even better, it will be presented by Ivete Sangalo, a unanimous icon in Brazil, who will certainly bring a lot of fun and entertainment to the competition.”