ATF Spotlight: Nippon TV


Nippon TV’s scripted format The Greatest Teacher follows Rina Kujo, a teacher who is pushed off the school balcony on graduation day.

As she falls, the last thing she sees is the sleeve of a student’s school uniform, only to find herself back one year ago with a chance to unveil the truth. “The Greatest Teacher recorded the highest streaming viewing record of our company, and we look forward to more Asian productions to follow,” says Yuki Akehi, director of global business.

Koso Koso is a new game-show format from the company, co-developed and co-produced with BBC Studios and Empire of Arkadia. The game, which has a cash prize element, features a team of celebrity secret agents who must prank members of the public.

“Our creative team produces trending series that resonate deeply with young audiences,” adds Akehi.