ATF Spotlight: ITV Studios


Loaded in Paradise, a brand-new format from ITV Studios, sees party-loving pairs island hop around Greece in a race to take control of a gold card loaded with money.

“In Loaded in Paradise, we see a show that is more than just a race or a game of tag, as it encapsulates aspects of ‘captive reality,’ along with travel and maybe a few elements of dating formats,” says Ayesha Surty, senior VP of licensing for Asia and India.

Meanwhile, Bad Chefs addresses the trend of younger generations becoming overly reliant on food delivery apps during the pandemic. The contestants will compete to cook basic recipes.

In The Voice Generations, a new spin-off of The Voice, groups of at least two people from different generations of any age compete.

“The demand for quality content has exploded, and the appetite for something different and fresh is stronger than ever,” Surty says.