Armoza Formats to Launch Song of My Life Internationally


Armoza Formats is set to distribute the studio-entertainment format Song of My Life to the global market.

Produced by Yellow Film & TV, Song of My Life has recently finished airing a successful first season on YLE in Finland. In each episode of the series, four famous contestants bring a song that has changed their life, though no one knows who brought which song. After each song has been performed live, the celebrities try to figure out which of them is connected to it. In the end, the celebrities and the audience will learn the touching stories behind each star’s “song of their life.”

Riku Riihilahti, head of international business at Yellow Film & TV, said: Song of My Life has been the TV phenomenon of the season in Finland. Viewers love the feel-good factor of the format and the game itself is so catchy that people have started to play it together on their own as well as via the application. We believe that this fun and engaging element will appeal to viewers worldwide.”

Amos Neumann, COO of Armoza Formats, said: “Song of My Life provides a perfect content solution for broadcasters with its unique and engaging mix of genres—from the moving live musical performances to the talk-show element of getting to know celebrities in a different way, as well as the fun guessing-game with which audiences can play along, all in an increasingly important cost-effective package. We are happy to be working with such a strong creator of content as Yellow Film & TV to be bringing this impressive format to the market.”