Armoza Formats Repping Dance Revolution


Armoza Formats is introducing the prime-time dance show Dance Revolution to the global market.

Dance Revolution sees dancers of all ages who perform all styles compete with the help of state-of-the-art technology. They are judged using a 360-degree shot of their most spectacular “Revolution” moment in order to win a cash prize. The show is produced by Quebecor Content and Fair-Play. It premiered in Canada on TVA this week.

Yann Paquet, the VP of Quebecor Content, “We’re extremely proud of Dance Revolution, an innovative new format created jointly by Quebecor Content and Fair-Play. It’s a great privilege for us to bring such a major entertainment show to the screen, and we’re excited by this opportunity to present it around the world. Dance Revolution pays tribute to the art of dance in all its beauty, with the integration of a revolutionary new technology that elevates it like never before.”

Avi Armoza, the CEO of Armoza Formats, commented, “By combining technology with the beauty and artistry of dance, Dance Revolution allows us to tell a fresh and unique story. For the first time on television, 360-degree images give viewers the unique experience of seeing dance from every angle, letting them truly connect with the passionate ‘Revolution’ moment that each dancer prepares. We are thrilled with the success the show has had in Canada and are looking forward to bringing it to the international market.”