ABC to Adapt Braunschlag for the U.S.


VIENNA: U.S. television network ABC has licensed the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) comedy series Braunschlag for a half-hour adaptation.

The untitled single-camera project will be produced by Sony Pictures TV and Tariq Jalil’s Intrigue. Created by David Schalko, the Austrian version follows Gerhard Tschach, the mayor of Braunschlag, who attempts to stop his village from falling into bankruptcy. The ABC adaptation will follow a young female mayor who must try to keep her town out of bankruptcy while balancing a dying father, dysfunctional siblings and the Mafia.

Schalko commented: “Braunschlag possibly being the first German-speaking series that is going to be produced and featured for the U.S. TV market is a respectable option. Especially the new and unconventional interpretation of the story makes the U.S. adaption very appealing to me. Like a good cover version of your favorite song, you will only like it if [there’s an added] unexpected, autonomous twist. I am curiously looking forward to ABC’s spin-off version.”