5 Gold Rings Scores SAT.1 Commission


5 Gold Rings has been commissioned by SAT.1 in Germany, marking the tenth country to pick up the ITV Studios format.

The German version is scheduled to air this fall as a daily show on SAT.1 and will be locally produced by ITV Studios Germany. The format has also been adapted in the Netherlands, U.K., France, Spain, Israel, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam.

5 Gold Rings is co-created by John de Mol and Possessed, part of ITV Studios.

Glenn Hugill, managing director Possessed and co-creator of 5 Gold Rings, said, “It’s thrilling to see that millions of families from all across Europe will be shouting at their TVs this fall; looking for the answer and trying to put a ring on it. Possessed is delighted to welcome Germany and SAT.1 to this incredible show- but be warned! It’s addictive!”