Zodiak Belgium Begins Production on GR5 for VRT Eén


Zodiak Belgium, a Banijay Group company, is ready to begin production on the new psychological thriller GR5 for VRT Eén in Belgium.

GR5 centers on four people in their mid-20s who embark on the Grote Route Pad 5 to commemorate their friend Lisa, who went missing on the path five years before. The physical effort and mutual tensions lead to a confrontation and a search to uncover the truth behind Lisa’s mysterious disappearance: Did she start a new life? Was there an accident? Or was she harmed?

Directed by Jan Matthys (Quiz Me Quick, In Vlaamse Velden, The Last Kingdom), the series will star Boris Van Severen (Over Water, Belgica, De 16), Lucas Van den Eynde (Van Vlees en bloed, Salamander, Met Man en Macht) and Violet Braeckman (Salamander, Over Water), Saïd Boumazoughe (Patser), Laurian Callebaut, Indra Cauwels, Viv Van Dingenen (Witse, Thuis) and Michai Geyzen (Girl, Professor T).

GR5 was devised and written by Gert Goovaerts and Lynnsey Peeters (Tom & Harry). The show will be produced by Zodiak Belgium and distributed by Banijay Rights.

Matthys commented: “I know from experience that being on a journey can trigger a kind of inner compass. Sooner or later we will be confronted with our inner knot. We are then faced with the choice: do we dare to look at it or walk around it? Do we find the courage to untangle it?”

Serge Bierset, executive producer for Zodiak Belgium, said: “This epic journey of discovery is set to deliver mystery, suspense, drama and shock in equal measures. Set against the contrast of the rough North Sea and picturesque Alps and Riviera, we are focused on delivering a high-quality thriller with global appeal that keeps audiences wanting more.”

Wim Janssen, content manager for VRT, added: “Going on a long-distance hike like GR5 is a perfect metaphor for one of today’s great challenges: finding your own path in life. In GR5, a group of friends starts a journey to commemorate the disappearance five years ago of one of their number. But will they find themselves—or will the dark secrets of their past overtake them?”