Zee 5 Lines Up Bikini Killer Crime Series Snake


Invar Studios Global has signed a deal with India’s Zee 5 to produce the new crime series Snake, which will center on the life and crimes of the notorious “Bikini Killer” Charles Sobhraj.

Sobhraj infamously killed innocent female tourists, leaving behind a trail of bikini-clad bodies across Asia. He evaded life imprisonment and the death penalty. Snake is based on years of research and personal interviews with Sobhraj conducted by Invar partner Farrukh Dhondy.

Zee 5 will broadcast the first three seasons of Snake. Scriptwriting and pre-production for the series have officially begun. The show will be in English and Hindi.

Jonathan Jiang of Dragon Dreams is also a development partner on the series, along with several others.

CEO/Founder Elizabeth Koshy said: “Invar Studios Global has a strong vision and a team with a foothold in both India and America, and great experience in crafting content that appeals to both regional and international audiences. We are ideally positioned as a gateway for networks and co-productions seeking access to India, Asia and the Middle East.”

Invar Studios Global will be represented in the U.S. by Manager/Producer Steven Adams, partner and head of management at Buffalo 8. He commented: “Invar displays great taste and business savvy and they are poised to address the massive growth on Indian OTTs, as well as audiences who are not only willing to embrace content outside of their day-to-day experience but are actively seeking it out.”