ZDFE Launching AI—The Last Invention


ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE) is set to launch for the international market the docudrama AI—The Last Invention, which recently wrapped production.

The two-parter, which tells a compelling fictional story based on analyses and scientific research, is produced by Gruppe 5 for ZDF and global distributor ZDF Enterprises. It is directed by Christian Twente (Update—The World in 50 Years, Women Who Made History, The Holy War and The Forbidden City).

AI—The Last Invention takes audiences on a journey into a world where artificial brains expand our abilities, where the power that comes with super-intelligence creates a challenge for mankind. It centers on Tom, a lawyer who loses his job to an AI that works more efficiently, faster and cheaper. After implanting a chip in his brain to boost his IQ like his friend Vida, they contemplate the potential power of AI, as well as the risks. Scientists intersperse the film with commentary, showing their visions of what the not-so-distant future holds.

Ralf Rueckauer, VP ZDFE.unscripted, ZDF Enterprises, said: “Credit goes to the outstanding team behind AI—The Last Invention. Christian Twente, who I consider the best in his field, and Gruppe 5 have produced a series that presents a fascinating and shockingly realistic portrayal of what our world might look like in the years to come.”