ZDF Studios & Factual Fiction Developing Modern Dorian Gray Series


ZDF Studios has aligned with Factual Fiction on #DorianGray, a contemporary reimagining of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The 12×30-minute series takes viewers on a ride through the life of a teenager as they construct their identity. With every tweet, Instagram post and TikTok video, Dorian produces a version of who they wish they were rather than who they are—all while navigating complex issues of sex, gender, mental health and consent.

Yi Qiao, director Drama for ZDF Studios, said: “After co-developing the delightful mystery series The Puzzle Lady, it’s an absolute pleasure to be partnering with Factual Fiction again. Taking the theme of this classic book and giving it a modern twist is ingenious and—especially in the age of social media—more current than ever before. I cannot wait to bring this version of Dorian Gray to life.

Tom Dalton, co-founder of Factual Fiction, added: “If ever there was a novel written for our time, it is The Picture of Dorian Gray. Morally agnostic, self-obsessed, terrified of rejection and yet deeply compelling. Exploring this world with brilliant young writer Maiya John, alongside the fantastic creative support of Yi Qiao and ZDF Studios, is an immense pleasure.”