Virgin Media Lands U.K. Premiere for Full Circle


LONDON: Virgin Media has scored another U.S. drama series for its lineup, picking up the three-season box set of the DIRECTV original Full Circle.

The first season, Full Circle: Los Angeles, sees lovers, mothers, fathers, friends, clients, teachers and students share intimate moments, while also revealing how their lives intertwine and intersect until they come to a shocking conclusion. The second season, Full Circle: Chicago, centers on a Chicago cop who, 18 years ago, blew the whistle on police corruption in Chicago. Season three, Full Circle: Miami, is set in the midst of the U.S. presidential campaign and sees charismatic Senator Faulkner wake up next to a beaten and drugged prostitute in a high-end Miami hotel with no recollection of what happened.

The first season is available to watch on demand on Virgin TV now, with the second and third seasons to launch in April and July, respectively.

FremantleMedia International licensed the show to Virgin.