Versailles to Make U.S. Premiere on Ovation


CANNES: Ovation TV has acquired the U.S. premiere rights for the Anglo-French drama Versailles from Zodiak Rights.

A CANAL+ original production, Versailles is co-produced by Capa Drama, Zodiak Fiction and Incendo. The period drama is scheduled to premiere on Ovation TV on October 1. The series is set in the year 1667, when King Louis XIV—portrayed by George Blagden (Vikings)—is a 28-year-old monarch on the verge of greatness.

“Louis XIV created an international style and culture icon when he created the palace of Versailles, and in so doing, installed himself in the annals of history as not only a determined leader and libertine, but a harbinger of France’s profound artistic impact on the rest of the world,” said Scott Woodward, the executive VP of programming and production at Ovation. “The epic nature of this story is captured extraordinarily well in this lush production. Versailles is the epitome of ‘event’ programming and there’s no better network to showcase it than Ovation TV.”

Caroline Torrance, the head of scripted at Zodiak Rights, commented, “Versailles is a standout drama with a winning combination of first-class acting talent, writing prowess and high production values. The Ovation acquisition highlights the true global appeal of such a sweeping and fascinating story brought to life with an energetic and cinematic style. We are certain that the series will play out extremely well for Ovation, demonstrating how high-end European dramas can grip audiences amidst the best of the home-grown scripted dramas coming out of America.”