TV Treatment for A Treachery of Spies


BeaglePug and Enriched Media Group have secured the TV, film and ancillary rights to the espionage thriller A Treachery of Spies, from author Manda Scott.

The story with a murder in 1940s WWII France and unfurls its mysteries into the present day with a brilliant but haunted female detective as the lead. The partners are currently in active discussions in both the U.K. and U.S. for the TV rights. A Treachery of Spies is the second of Scott’s espionage thrillers to feature female Detective Inspector Inès Picaut and will be the first to be adapted.

A Treachery of Spies represents both companies’ first foray into long-form TV drama after success in the feature world.

BeaglePug founder and Harry Potter producer David Barron said, “Seeing the impact of the crime through the eyes of Inès, an ordinary woman with unique skills, only highlights how extraordinary the events were. I’m thrilled to be adapting this wholly distinctive piece of European IP for the global market.”

“During these increasingly challenging and difficult times, we’re more aware than ever of the importance of innovative storytelling,” added Enriched Media Group producer and co-founder Mick Southworth. “Manda Scott’s painstaking and thorough research has enabled her to create a gripping, thrill-packed drama with a unique female protagonist solving a crime through two distinct historical periods and takes a close look at the world not dissimilar from our own through the history, the players, the victories and the spoils.”