TIMS&B Productions Promotes New Drama Deception


TIMS&B Productions’ Timur Savcı, chairman, and Burak Sağyaşar, CEO, are in Cannes to promote the new drama Deception, sold by Inter Medya.

The series “will resonate with audiences because while it’s a story about the discovery by a powerful woman that her whole life is based on lies, it is also about family, the young family members’ love arcs, as well as our protagonist finding love again at a later age,” Savcı says.

He continues, “We designed it as a drama that can resonate with audiences for a long time, where they can find themselves in the story with its sincerity and genuineness.”

“This is the story of a powerful woman, with a twist,” Sağyaşar adds. “A decision-maker, an idealist woman who thinks she can and has fit everything into her own mold in her life, the way it should be, who finds out that is far from reality, which causes the bottom to fall out of her world, and everything comes crashing down on her with one move. It deals with ‘deception’ on multiple layers—not just as infidelity between spouses but between children and their parents, friends, lovers and colleagues alike.”

Deception is one of many Turkish dramas finding success in the international market. Savcı says the continued success of Turkish series is because “we have a very rich culture where we feel the West and the East as well as the North and South poles. When you look at Turkey, you can neither locate it as the East nor as the Middle East nor can you define it as a European country. It encompasses it all, and that’s the beauty of it.”

Inter Medya is launching Deception to global buyers this week at MIPCOM.