Thierry Poiraud & Alex Haridi On Board Rare


STOCKHOLM: Dramacorp and Isolani Pictures are working together on Rare, which is being written by Alex Haridi (Real Humans, Blue Eyes) and directed by Thierry Poiraud (France 2’s upcoming Zone Blanche).

The 8×45-minute series is being co-developed by Dramacorp, the Stockholm-based production company founded last year by Patrick Nebout and Jan Mojto’s Beta Film, and Beta’s French production house Isolani Pictures. The high-concept sci-fi series is set in a not-too-distant, parallel future, when Earth is running out of oxygen and air is becoming increasingly rare.

Executive producers are Dramacorp’s Nebout (Midnight Sun, upcoming spy-thriller Hamilton) and Mia Sohlman, who created and produced SVT’s hit political thriller Blue Eyes, and Isolani Pictures’ Alexandre Richardot (Poiraud’s long-time collaborator) and Daniel J. Cottinn (Netflix’s Chef’s Table France, NBCUniversal’s Metal Hurlant Chronicles).