The Wedding Planners Set for Citytv & Citytv NOW


The Wedding Planners, a new original drama produced by Brain Power Studio in association with Citytv, is slated to debut on the Canadian television network and its streaming service Citytv NOW later this month.

The romantic scripted series follows the Clarkson siblings as they plan dream weddings for new couples-to-be and deal with their own behind-the-scenes family drama and complicated relationships. The Wedding Planners will premiere on Friday, March 27, at 8 p.m., followed by six one-hour weekly episodes.

In the all-Canadian ensemble cast, Kimberly Sue-Murray plays Clarkson sibling Paige, a young mom balancing work and family; Michael Seater is James, a New York City fashion designer with a troubled past; and Madeline Leon is Hannah, the peacekeeper with a kind heart and adventurous spirit who is looking for love.

Citytv is a division of Rogers Sports & Media. The Wedding Planners is distributed worldwide by Brain Power Studio Rights.

Nataline Rodrigues, director of original programming at Citytv, said: “The Wedding Planners perfectly complements our Fall in Love Fridays schedule with feel-good wedding stories and heartfelt performances that Citytv viewers have come to love and expect. The series marries all of the best that rom-com movies have to offer with the fun entertainment of relationship dramas, all set in the stunning yet stressful world of weddings.”

Beth Stevenson, executive producer and founder of Brain Power Studio, added: “We are thrilled to be adding to the success of Fall in Love Fridays with this fresh, modern romantic series. The combination of these sassy siblings and wedding drama, jam packs each episode with great entertainment value.”