The Bridge Writers Team for New Crime Series


Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren, writers of The Bridge (Broen), have teamed up again to pen the script for a series adaptation of Rosenfeldt’s book Cry Wolf.

Centering on a small border town in northern Sweden, Cry Wolf begins when a wolf is found with human remains in its stomach. Police officer Hannah Wester finds that the remains are linked to a bloody drug deal in Finland, leading to an investigation that makes her town the site of a chain of brutal events.

The series will be produced by Nordic Drama Queens for C More and TV4, with Endeavor Content financing and handling distribution. Nordic Drama Queens’ Josefine Tengblad and Eiffel Mattsson will produce, with Sonja Hermele executive producing for TV4 and C More.

Filming for the series is slated to begin in 2023.

“It will be so much fun to return to Cry Wolf again, and it is even more fun when I can do it together with my talented best friend Camilla,” said Rosenfeldt. “Together, I am convinced that we can create a crime story with its own appeal. The tension does not lie in who did what, but more as a cat-and-mouse game and how our characters will survive and be able to live on with the decisions they make.”

Piodor Gustafsson, Nordic drama director for TV4 Media and C More, said, “We are very happy to work with the super team of Hans and Camilla as the scriptwriters. It’s wonderful that Nordic Drama Queens will oversee production, and we’re excited to have Endeavor Content as a partner as well. Josefine has followed the project from the start, which guarantees this will be a first-class production.”