Stampede Ventures Options LGBTQIA+ Novel Frenesia


Stampede Ventures has optioned the rights to adapt Flavio Nuccitelli’s LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age novel Frenesia as an Italian-language series.

The events of Frenesia, meaning “frenzy” in English, begin when an 18-year-old boy is unexpectedly kissed as part of a joke. This shatters his world and leads him on a reckless, psychedelic journey.

Frenesia, originally published in 2021, was honored at Rome’s 2022 Rainbow Awards, which recognize artists for their work in protecting and promoting the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. Nuccitelli will collaborate with Stampede Ventures for the book-to-screen adaptation.

“Flavio has created a fantastic lead character in Valerio, who, like so many students his age, is caught between the beauty of ancient Rome and a darker underground side of the city,” said John-Paul Sarni, executive VP and head of international content and IP acquisitions at Stampede Ventures. “A place where family, religion and politics are omnipresent. We saw incredible celebrations around the world during Pride month this year, and in continuing to support the community year-round, it’s important to showcase a story that explores so many powerful themes of identity and self-discovery.”