Spotlight: Eccho Rights


From Turkey’s OGM Pictures and distributed by Eccho Rights, The Red Room takes place in a therapy clinic and tackles the tragic reality of violence and trauma in relationships and throughout society.

Another title on the company’s slate, Legacy, a new series from Karamel Yapim, has been “hotly anticipated both in Turkey and around the world,” according to Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director of Eccho Rights.

The Swedish blue-sky drama Hammarvik, created by novelist Camilla Läckberg, features a murder-mystery element, as well as family stories, romance and light comedy. “This is Läckberg’s first time writing directly for TV, and the interest in Hammarvik has already been enormous before the first episode airs later this year,” says af Malmborg.

He adds, “As we carry on through this highly unusual year, the Eccho Rights catalog continues to diversify.”