Spanish Thriller The Room Optioned for U.K. Adaptation


Firebird Pictures has optioned the format rights for the Spanish thriller The Room for a local treatment in the U.K.

The series centers on Yago Costa, who was considered a top-notch police detective until he committed murder. Now, he is in prison and aims to tell the world why he did it. He’s counting on help from Sara, a young and ambitious journalist to whom he gives his exclusive story. She will have to decide if she is willing to put her own life in danger to get to the truth—and, ultimately, whether she can trust him.

Newen Distribution inked the deal with Firebird, which was founded earlier this year with backing by BBC Studios. The production company has secured the rights for the thriller series written by Víctor García, Eduardo Villanueva and Manuel Sanabria.

Produced by Funwood Media, Isla Audiovisual and Can Can Producciones, The Room was originally broadcasted in Spain on Forta stations and HBO Spain earlier this year.