Spanish Monarchy Drama from Diagonal TV


Diagonal TV, part of Banijay Iberia, is collaborating with journalist and novelist Sergio Vila-Sanjuán on a new drama series based on the Spanish monarchy.

Royal Palace. Brilliance and Tragedy of the Spanish Monarchy follows the trajectory of four generations of the Bourbon family. Vila-Sanjuán’s research will dramatize biographical and historical circumstances, from the year 1900, and depict the reigns of Alfonso XIII, Don Juan de Borbón and Juan Carlos I, until the abdication in favor of his son Felipe VI.

The series is planned for 22 episodes.

Vila-Sanjuán said: “There’s an enormous responsibility when developing a story around true events, especially as we follow a monarchy with exceptional destinies and outstanding virtues, but like any humans, they made mistakes. These errors had massive consequences for their country and this fascinating story will leave viewers gripped.”

Jaume Banacolocha, CEO of Diagonal TV, commented: “Diagonal has vast experience in creating series telling the vicissitudes of the Spanish monarchy, and this project will further build our expertise. Collaborating with Sergio Vila-Sanjuán will allow us to confidently produce an accurate and moving series, and we are expecting huge interest from broadcasters to pick up the show.”