Video Interview: Alex Eslam on the Making of Sky’s Souls

From creator, writer and director Alex Eslam, the Sky original series Souls provides a winding tale across multiple timelines, centering on three women whose lives are turned upside down when the past, present and future collide. Exploring the idea of reincarnation, the drama examines how we cope with death and whether or not we can create space in our lives for the unknown.


Souls follows three storylines in different locations. In Stockholm, Allie tries to prevent her pilot husband from taking a flight, which later disappears. In Berlin, Linn joins a cult whose members believe in life after death. Elsewhere in Germany, Hannah wakes up in a hospital after a serious car accident, wondering how her 14-year-old son Jacob managed to save them both from drowning in their car. Their lives intertwine when a few days later, Jacob claims to remember a past life as the pilot of a missing passenger plane.

In this video interview, Eslam discusses the origins of the story and how he went about tackling the “bigger than life” themes throughout the series, which debuts on Sky on December 15.