Rise Studios Completes Two Arabic-Language Series


Rise Studios has completed the new Arabic-language series All But Divorced and Forgetfulness.

All But Divorced, now streaming on Prime Video, is a direct-to-Arabic adaptation of a Japanese format. Forgetfulness is an original and will drop soon on the same platform.

Following the successful acquisition of the exclusive adaptation rights to All But Divorced from TV TOKYO last year, Rise Studios worked with SARD to adapt the Japanese format directly to Arabic.

Rise Studios’ partner BlueBee Productions produced both series.

“When we launched Rise Studios 18 months ago, we did so to elevate the region’s entertainment landscape by creating an ecosystem of carefully chosen creative partners,” said Amanda Turnbull, CEO and co-founder of Rise Studios. “Our investment and direct hand in the ideation and production process of All but Divorced and Forgetfulness, supported by data-driven insights, aligns with our mission to tell stories differently and shape the content landscape by introducing narratives that entertain and resonate with viewers on a profound level.

“Our recent research report Beyond Borders: The Evolution of Non-English Content in MENA revealed a surge in demand for non-English content formats, as well as more high-quality content in the Arabic language. Bringing these two series to fruition is a step towards bridging the gap between demand and supply and is a clear display of our commitment to providing regional talent with a platform to showcase their talents to the world.”