Particle6 Options The Madigan Chronicles


Particle6 Productions has acquired the rights to Marieke Lexmond’s six-book series The Madigan Chronicles.

The mystical family drama tells the story of three generations of witches and their struggle to work together to keep a centuries-old promise and stop a dark witch from claiming a powerful elemental object. A pilot script based on the first book in the series, The Dagger, is currently being written by Lexmond.

In the meantime, Particle6 is seeking to drive further demand for the IP by creating viral videos for TikTok and developing collectible Magical Spell necklaces.

Particle6’s involvement with The Madigan Chronicles was facilitated by the receipt of a 2023 Innovate UK Creative Catalyst grant.

The book series, illustrated by Nicole Rujigrok, includes the titles The Dagger, The Magical Tarot Deck, The Wand and The Cup.

“I’ve known Marieke for a while and have always been a big fan of her work, so I am thrilled that Innovate UK saw the same potential we did and awarded us a Creative Catalyst grant so that we could explore and extend the world of The Madigan Chronicles,” said Eline van der Velden, founder of Particle6 Productions.

She continued, “Particle6 is big on testing and analytics, and we always work hard to identify the right audience for every project. Given what Marieke and Nicole have already established, we have a brilliant opportunity to build on that and test and grow the market. We know that witches and witchcraft are extremely popular topics right now, but if we can take a beautifully written script into a broadcaster or streamer, along with insightful audience data built around analytics from interactions with bespoke social media content and in-demand merchandise—as well as book sales—we will be presenting a very compelling case to greenlight a (potentially long-running) series. And if that doesn’t work, we can, of course, resort to a casting a spell on commissioners!”

Lexmond added, “In Eline and Particle6 Productions I found the perfect partners to expand The Madigan Chronicles universe. Not only is there infectious support for our stories, but also a real understanding of our brand’s potential and a thoughtful ambition as to how we can develop and take an audience with us. I am thrilled to begin this magical journey with this talented team and can’t wait to see where it might go.”