Video: Paper Empire’s Denise Richards, Robert Davi & Robert Gillings

Cryptocurrency, AI and digital assets have been making cultural and financial waves faster than regulators and economists can keep up with them. Robert Gillings, writer, director and producer of Paper Empire, delves into this realm through his series, which follows Laurence Fintch, whose ambitions cause a web of trouble in the global financial sphere. The show explores what our digital-led future could look like, taking viewers into a story where technology breaks the boundaries of human influence and brings forth a world reckoning akin to financial Armageddon.


Gillings and Paper Empire stars Denise Richards and Robert Davi speak with TV Drama Weekly’s Mansha Daswani about the series, sharing insight into where crypto may be heading and the culturally new ground the show is covering. The stars nod to the evolution of streaming, touching on the television and film industry’s own technological revolution.