Norway’s First Police Procedural to Go Global with DRG


DRG has acquired the rights for For Life, an episodic crime series from Norway.

DRG will be launching the police procedural for presale at MIPTV. Created and written by International Emmy Award-winning Gjermund S. Eriksen (Mammon, Aber Bergen) and co-written by Helena Nielsen (Lilyhammer, Aber Bergen, Black Widows), the 8×1-hour series is being produced by Monster for NRK.

For Life follows the story of Victoria Woll (Tone Mostraum, Eyewitness, ZombieLars), a hardened National Crime Service investigator, across two different timelines: in the present, where it’s her job to solve cases and put criminals behind bars, and in the future, where she is in prison. Every episode will feature a present-day, standalone case as its main story, along with new pieces to the continuing puzzle that is Victoria and why she is fighting for her freedom a few years down the line.

Producer Håkon Briseid (Nobel, Borderline) said: “There are many brilliant Scandi noir shows in the market, including Gjermund S. Eriksen’s previous series Mammon, but we want to show that Nordic high production values and clever storylines don’t always have to be dark, gloomy and founded in fear and anxiety. For Life will also have joy, humor, warmth and hope—adding new layers of contrast to the episodic crime universe. In this way, we hope what we are terming a ‘Happy noir’ approach can build a more complete emotional experience for viewers.”

Ivar Køhn, head of drama at NRK, added: “We are delighted to announce this new series and have DRG launch it to the international market in Cannes. I believe the industry has been looking to Scandinavia for a new police procedural and For Life, which is Norway’s first, will make people sit up and notice. It’s got plenty of the core elements you would expect for the genre but we’ve mixed it up with an intriguing premise, dual timelines and a distinctive lightness of touch.”

Dave Clarke, DRG’s executive VP of content, said: “Monster and NRK have an enviable track record for producing entertaining and gripping drama so this refreshingly different police procedural, created by the very talented Gjermund S. Erikson, was immediately something in which DRG wanted to invest. Strong Scandinavian scripted titles have worked well for us in the international marketplace, and we are confident that by having a different style of Nordic drama on offer, this series will attract early interest as we take it out for presale at MIPTV this year.”