New Agreement Seeks to Boost U.K.-Malta Collaboration


The British Film Commission (BFC) and Malta Film Commission have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate the production of film and high-end TV projects between the two territories.

Both the U.K. and Malta are key locations for film and high-end TV productions, and the two territories previously collaborated on industry skill set development initiatives. The new MoU will seek to develop cultural, commercial and creative exchange between the U.K. and Malta and look to increase inward investment in film and TV production in both locations.

Adrian Wootton OBE, chief executive of the British Film Commission, noted: “Ensuring strong, frictionless relationships with industry in countries across Europe remains essential for film and HETV productions shooting across borders. Recent years have seen both the U.K. and Malta screen industries experience substantial growth. It is therefore an exciting time to be consolidating our relationship with the Malta Film Commission, having previously supported several major productions in both territories, such as Napoleon and Jurassic World: Dominion. It’s great to be here in Malta to commemorate the inaugural Mediterrane Festival with the signing of this agreement. We look forward to continuing our collaborative work, creating even stronger ties between our two countries to ensure a creative and film-friendly environment for productions for years to come.”

Johann Grech, Malta Film Commissioner, added: “This Memorandum of Understanding represents the ongoing commitment to films that cross geographical borders. As the Malta film industry continues to grow, we are delighted to be strengthening our ties with the U.K., a key partner in the global film industry. This collaboration signifies our shared dedication to creating diverse, impactful content and a seamless production experience. We are proud of the significant projects we’ve hosted thus far, and we are eagerly anticipating what this reinforced collaboration will bring. Today, as we celebrate the connection of our industries at the inaugural Mediterrane Film Festival, we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing a fertile and film-friendly environment. We are not just facilitating productions, we are shaping the future of global storytelling.”