My Home My Destiny Notches Up Deals


Eccho Rights has signed a raft of new deals for the romantic drama My Home My Destiny with broadcasters across Europe, Africa and Asia.

The series has now been picked up in Spain (Divinity/Mediaset), India (MX Player), South Africa (broadcaster undisclosed), Israel (Achla TV), Lithuania (LNK), Serbia (Pink), Georgia (Imedi), Albania (TV Klan), North Macedonia (Sitel) and Romania (Kanal D). Starring Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol, the drama launched on TV8 in Turkey last year.

My Home My Destiny is produced by OGM Pictures in Istanbul. It became TV8’s most successful drama series of all time upon its release.

Onur Güvenatam, founder and executive producer at OGM Pictures, said: “We are so proud to see My Home My Destiny traveling well. Taking inspiration from a true story, we made this series to touch people’s hearts but also their minds, and the result is a drama series with true universal appeal.”

Handan Özkubat, director of Turkish drama at Eccho Rights, added: “With two extraordinary central performances, My Home My Destiny has won over audiences in an unprecedented way, and the chemistry between Özdemir and Çelikkol has already created a huge fanbase around the world who are now hungry to see the series broadcast locally.”